TimeChat: Schedule, Send and Surprise

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In 2015, messaging apps surpassed social media on growth of active users. For this reason, it was natural for TimeChat to be born, a messaging app that allows users to schedule messages (images, text and video) and send them to the future, like a time-delay.

TimeChat generates a lot of expectation, mystery, feelings, jokes, pranks, and so many surprises between long-distance relationship couples. This is TimeChat’s differentiator, and also what led it to be a part of the Acceleration Program at Orion Startups.

The Opportunity

“In the US alone, there are 14 million couples that are in a long-distance relationship, of which 34% are university students, the ideal users for this app” says Iván Rodríguez, co-founder of TimeChat.

This is a new, fun, creative and unique way of communicating with everyone. The app allows users to receive an instant preview of the message with hidden parts that will be shown completely in the future time. TimeChat is a free app and it is the perfect app for couples.

The Business Model

Being a messaging application, it focuses on the recruitment and retention of users, with the possibility for messages to go viral by being able to share previews on social networks.

The application is free, so the business model is focused on organic advertising and possibly through in-app purchases in the future.

Thanks to the investment of USD 30K received from Orion Startups, the team was able to execute its growth plan and achieve their user goals.

TimeChat is composed of a multidisciplinary team including programmers and administrators, in order to provide the best solution for users: From a programmer doing his masters at the University of Edinburgh, to a Software Engineer for Microsoft in Seattle. A young but passionate and hardworking team is what led them to join the first batch of companies at Orion.

If you too are interested in growing your idea, you’re in luck! Applications are open until June 1st. Apply here to be part of Batch 3.0 at Orion Startups.


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