The Program

Our Program is extended along 5 months allowing entrepreneurs advance at a smart and fast pace, guided by our team, mentors and experts.


Idea and Business Validation

An immersion in the agile methodologies of Lean Startup and Customer Development that helps validate the business idea. Product should not be developed until a validation indicates that there might be a market and business model for that.

UX and Product Development

The right user experience will increase the probability of success. The best practices and tips for the development of the product are shared through workshops and mentorships.

Market Strategy

Each phase of the business requires different tactics and techniques for getting tractions. Teams are lectured and taught on the best practices and growth hacking techniques to target the right adopter.

Financial Strategy

Every company needs to have the basic financial statements to pursue their goals on the next round of investments. Cash flow, ROI, amount of investment, breakeven point, and other financial terms are defined and calculated.

Pitch and Investment

A good business idea with a bad pitch might have difficulties at raising capital. Entrepreneurs focus on defining the right pitch for the right audience, also planning for the best investment strategy.

Business and technical topics

We also take a look at diverse topics regarding intellectual property, incorporation, leadership, team building, the entrepreneurial process, among others, all complementing the main focus of the business along the 5 months.

The delivery of content, interaction with teams and follow up activities happen in diverse formats.

Work Plan and Budgeting

At the beginning, teams define a strategic and flexible plan and budget.


Weekly meetings on Mondays to plan for the jobs to be done.

Founders Meeting

Every Friday all teams share their achievements and fails to nourish business wisdom.

One 2 One

Accelerator team and startup team get together to talk serious business.

Together on One

Teams attack one team to criticize and improve their business.


Experts and experienced entrepreneurs talk to each team to provide guide and insights to their business.

Startup Talks

Speakers are invited to talk in person or virtually about important topics for startups.

Key Connections

Potential customers, colleagues, mentors, investors and connectors are put in contact with entrepreneurs.

Tec de Monterrey

Access to talent pool, professors and great connections inside Tec de Monterrey.


Short, intensive and practical courses to advance in the main topics of your business.