We are continuously looking for new alliances and partnerships that foster the developments of our startups.

The Global Accelerator Network is a network of the most respected accelerators around the world. GAN accelerators provide startups with the resources necessary to create and grow businesses, wherever they are.

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Park PIT2 and PIT3 is home to startups and technology companies in different sectors: software and Internet, automobile, aerospace, and business consulting. The PIT’s are inside the Tec de Monterrey, Campus Chihuahua.

Tec de Monterrey is one of the top universities in Mexico. This institution is one of the main supporters of entrepreneurship in Mexico with excellent educational programs. The link with this institution allows the companies to access to fresh talent in diverse areas.

A law firm serving the areas of science and technology, technological entrepreneurship, entertainment, investment risk, emerging growth companies and local manufacturing for exportation