Launching the Edtech Accelerator

edtech batch 1.0

The past monday October 16th, we launched a vertical acceleration program in the education industry. The TecLabs Edtech Accelerator, an alliance among the Tecnológico de Monterrey, its Center for Education Innovation, the Entrepreneurship Institute Eugenio Garza Laguera and Orion Startups, was created to support and to accelerate companies using technology to improve education.

The Tecnológico de Monterrey is an education institution of excellence not only in education but also in the promotion and support of entrepreneurship. Thus, through the TecLabs Edtech Accelerator the Tecnológico de Monterrey is combining these two worlds to prove that Mexico is ripe for using technology to boost education.

The acceleration program selected 3 Edtech startups out of 200 that applied to the program, which along 5 months will stay inside the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, receiving mentorship from the best entrepreneurs, specialists and advisors in the edtech sphere, as well as connecting with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the whole educational system.

One key actor is Teclabs, the Center for Education Innovation, which is in charge of providing the Tecnológico de Monterrey the latest technologies and trends in education. Teclabs is also part of the organizers of the International Congress for Education Innovation that will happen during the next December in Monterrey

The Institure for Entrepreneurship Eugenio Garza Laguera, the organzation in charge of the promotion of entrepreneurship inside all the Tecnológico de Monterrey, is also a host for the program that will act as a connector with great mentors, investors and the education system.

And last, Orion Startups, the tech startup accelerator and seed fund, which will be in charge of the acceleration program, the methodologies and follow up of the companies.

The 3 selected startups are:

1. Robin Bank. This is an financial education platform for teaching kids all about money, how to save, expend and invest. We consider that as many more parents and kids are becoming more digital, it is important to support the education of financial issues. There are just a few solutions to help parents teach kids in this matter, so Robin Bank can become a great solutions to partner with schools and parents that want to take their kids to another level in the management of the finance.

2. Reto Educacion. The admission tests for the most prestigious universities turn nervous and with headaches to thousands of students que aspire for the best education. The knowledge absorbed by the previous education might not be enough or of a good quality, that reviewing the required knowledge is mandatory. Reto Educación digitalizes the material and admission test to offer them in mobile platform for an easy review and learning. Reto ENARM allows students study for medicine admission tests, and the Reto Egel for the CENEVAL test (for college students to get the bachelor degree in Mexico).

3. Terabook. As the digitalization of books is growing exponentially, the digitalization of books for education is mandatory, and only a few solutions exist on the market. Terabook allows colleges to offer a platform for digitalized information used by professors and teachers to share with students. Colleges can use the platform to upload all the material, specially books, to provide the students with the required material.

We will be posting more information about these companies in the following days.

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