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Koala roomie orion startups

We all know that there is a high demand for departments in New York, causing that finding a place to live in this state is a task too difficult, almost an extreme sport.

And for Juan Lizarraga, co-founder of Koala Roomie, was no different. Juan arrived to New York city  seeking for a good place to live, unfortunately he  did not find good place, the costs were too expensive and he realized that it would be impossible to rent an apartment alone, so he needed to find a roomie in order to split the costs, but then he thought that finding the right person was going to be a very frustrating task, he didn’t know anyone and could also be even dangerous.

The Perfect Roomate

koala roomie orion startups

Just like Juan, there are millions of people in the world that have problems finding where and with whom should live. In the US this market is about 165 billion. Based on Juan experience to find a place to live, he and his co founder Joe Galicia started a project to provide assistance to those people who are seeking roommates, a market of 11.2 billion dollars in the United States.

Koala Roomie is a online app that connects people who offer or seek a shared apartment. Using an algorithm, the portal passes the user data and suggests the most like-minded people. The platform lets you enter different descriptive aspects, not only housing but also of people.


Koala Roomie is the site that helps you to split the bills, save your  income and find the perfect partner. Since they entered the acceleration program from Orion Startups and received an investment of USD 30K, Koala Roomie reached their first goal of 1000 users in September 2015. Now, a year later that they made the site launch, they have more than 5,000 people registered, more than 7,000 messages supply and demand, and between 400 and 500 users who have found the perfect  house or apartment through this app.

Since the end of its incubation period in Orion Startups, Koala Roomie has not stopped growing and they are thinking expand to other cities with high apartment demand, such as Miami, Austin and Mexico City to name a few. You too can Apply to the accelerarion program here.

Contact: jb@koalaroomie.com


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