How to find a Co-founder?

By Omar Castillo from Upe Places

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It doesn’t matter if your startup is web, mobile, social, hardware, research, crowd, etc. It doesn’t matter if you have profits from one or a million dollars. We are all have clear that the most important to create a great company, is first to gather a great team. But how a great team is built? Where do you start?

There is no secret formula to bring together a great team; it would be the same as saying that there is a secret formula to find the love of life. Simply it does not work. However, even though there are no steps, there are tips that will definitely help you to gather and create a team capable of executing large projects.

Here are 5 tips that would give to entrepreneur based on my own experience when I was just creating my first companies, and I had giant doubts about how to create perfect team.

1.Talk about your ideas, but mainly about why they do or what they do

To infect others to join your startup, you first need to show them that your startup is there, that is why you have to talk to everyone and tell them what you’re doing. No one will be interested in what you’re doing, unless you go out and you tell people about how amazing is your company. One person at a time.

The years have taught me that you never know who may be in front, or who are listening, so you have to tell, and spread love to others, and mainly talk about why we do what we do. That’s going to approach the right people.

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2. If you only offer money, you will only attract the wrong people

Most people believe that what moves the world is money, and there is nothing more important than that. The reality is that if there is anything that moves and motivates people more than thousands of dollars, is the chance to make their dreams come true. When you offer something to someone, you are offering the possibility of bringing a dream to be visible to the world on earth. In the case of UPE  (Omar’s company) our common dream is to revolutionize the lives of travelers, making coexist, interact and share their stories with local people in the world. What is your mission or your Spartan dream

3. Your candidates must be open to new possibilities; the most amazing people in the world do not come dressed in a stereotype

This advice is very simple, the people you are looking for you will probably find it in the place and time that you less imagine. For some reason (I do not know or want to know) one day soon the stars align, and in the least moment you expect you will have your co-founder with a cup of coffee in front of you. You may even already know the person you want, but be open to everybody and all the possibilities if you had thinking that the perfect co-founder is someone that has the face of Mark Zuckerberg, you have missed more than one occasion to find the right person.

In order to be open to all the possibilities you need to give a lot of important to anyone who crosses your path, be receptive, listening, but mostly respect everyone for who they are, and not for what they can give me or I can win them.

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4. Be honest

One of the best characteristics that define a good team is trust, and trust is built only with honesty.

If you have weaknesses, doubts, fears, or simply have a challenge in front that you do not know how to solve it, is not worth it to start showing people that you can deal with anything. The best is to be clear about your strengths and be open to talk about your weakness, and how people complements you in these areas.

5. Always trust your instinct

This is the last point, but from my perspective is the most important.

Although it is difficult to explain, there is something in these world that transcends the logic and the reason is something that I can only call “feeling” or “chemical” or “click” something that happen when you meet someone and you realize that happened. And when that time comes, my advice is that you should not be afraid to make a decision. His instinct is exactly what will take them far in this way, so you’d better trust him.

Although at times it may seem that the task of finding a cofounder is something that just has to do with luck, and that often has no solution, the key is to always be convinced that the right person will appear sooner than later. It’s about having a good attitude, and full conviction that it is possible to build a team.



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