Hacking Talent Acquisition: Snaptal


Helps U.S. companies hire top talent

There are things happening in Chihuahua that are changing the game rules

More than talented people, there are entrepreneurs with ideas, wanting to change things and solve problems.

With this mentality, Snaptal (formerly rewards.to) was developed as an online platform that allows companies find international talent in a way that is:

Quick + Accessible + Easy

“In the next 5 years, in the United States alone, there will be a deficit of more than 2 million Engineers, Scientists and Technicians” explained David Andujo, Founder and Director of Snaptal, in the past Orion Startups Demo Day: an acceleration/investment program for early stage startups located in Chihuahua, Mexico; powered by Tec de Monterrey and member of the Global Accelerator Network by Techstars.

This is where Snaptal comes to provide a solution, setting as a goal for the next 5 years, to place from 5 to 10 thousand candidates in positions that best suit their profile.

How does Snaptal work?

The service is divided into 4 modules:

  • – The acquisition of organic talent
  • – Talent filtering based on algorithms
  • – Attraction of employment proposals
  • – Monetization through referral of contacts that meet the profile

The company found the area of ​​opportunity in which the user is rewarded economically for the contacts referred to the platform and if the candidate is selected, this means: a person can earn a commission if the friend or referral is hired in the end; this way everyone wins.

Great Results

There is still a long way to go, however the results are already being noticed:

4 million invitations sent by users to friends and contacts.

3 days is the record in which the US VISA for a candidate has been handled, including VISA for his wife and daughter. (Yes, they can help you with that too).

2 customer companies listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

1 investment proposal accepted by an American lecturer and investor.

By being a part of the Orion Startups Acceleration Program, Snaptal is gathering strength and cashing in on more opportunities.

“Support and investment from Orion meant being able to have the necessary resources to validate pending hypothesis of the business model without negatively impacting the income obtained from our boot strapping,” says David about the investment received from Orion, of $30K USD.

Now Snaptal, Hacking talent acquisition for US Companies, has changed the game rules

If you wish to know more about this Company, you can find more information on:

snaptal.com or contact david@snaptal.com

Apply to the program here:


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