We are looking for the best startups in LATAM. Our application call is open NOW

Apply now to Orion Startups

1. Applications must be submitted before May 31st, 2017. The sooner you apply, the better.

2. We select 5 projects each batch.

3. We start the program on August 2017, so teams can have time to make a plan.

4. The program is 5 months long, and it is structured in a way that all teams must define a working plan, attend to weekly scrum meetings, startup talks, one on one with the staff, founders meetings, plus other events. This makes the program highly intensive.

5. At least one member of the teams is required to stay in Chihuahua, Mexico, during the whole program. Of course, teams can travel to attend to shows or have meetings with customers.

6. We invest 30K USD in every team in exchange of equity in the company (5% to 10%).

7. Every team must cover 8K USD for the accelerator program.

8. We provide office space, infrastructure and communication services to our companies.

9. All teams are required to incorporate a US company, and we recommend a Delaware corporation most of the time.

10. After the 5-month program, we continue helping our companies with connections and potential investors. We are partners, so this means we are together on your business.

11. At the end of the program we organize a Demo Day that allows companies present before investors. Demo Day can happen in Mexico or in the US.


Who can participate?

Orion Startups is looking for globally-minded, early stage entrepreneurs. Your startup must be globally-oriented and easy to scale. We accept startups that are both in early stage and startups that are already launched/incorporated, but all startups must be under two years old.

Teams must be 2-4 founders. Above that, we consider it could be difficult for teams to reach agreements. No solopreneurs in this moment.

Teams must show capabilities to build a business (not necessarily with previous experience). We look for teams with great passion and technical and business capabilities.

Our main area is Software and Internet business opportunites. We could consider ideas out of this area, but have in mind that 30K is not a large amount of money if your business is in the hardware area, specially if you need to manufacture a high volumen of prototypes and/or products.

Fill out the application form on the or platforms, pick only one, those two have the same questions: