We are a seed fund and accelerator for early stage startups in the tech sphere!

Orion Startups is a business accelerator and investment program for early stage startups in the Software and Internet sector, providing great mentorships and high impact guidance to take the startups to the next level of growth.

We provide to entrepreneurs seed capital, advice, mentorship, business and technical training,  infrastructure, networking and many other resources.

Our 5-month program allows the entrepreneurs validate their business idea, build a product with the best practices, define useful marketing strategies and the financial advice to prepare for the next round of investment, ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 USD as seed investment.

We are located in the city of Chihuahua, in the northern part of Mexico, a perfect location to target both markets: USA and LATAM. Our accessibility by road or air, makes it easy for entrepreneurs to travel for business around Mexico and the US.

   Our facilities are inside the Innovation and Tech Transfer Park (PIT), a top of the notch hub for tech and innovative companies in the City of Chihuahua, where entrepreneurs collide and generate business ideas. The Park is also the venue for multiple entrepreneurial events, business communities and industrial clusters: aerospace, automobile, IT and others. Continuos talks and conferences are also held inside the park where experts and experience people share their knowledge.

    We are powered by Tec de Monterrey, one of the best universities in LATAM, inside the Campus in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Tec de Monterrey was ranked in the 1st place as the best private university in Mexico, with above 57,000 students in graduate and pos-graduate studies, and 31

   Orion Startups is an active member of the Global Accelerator Network GAN, a unique club for around 70 accelerators worldwide that gather to share best practices, contacts and investors. Entrepreneurs get access to useful perks offered by global sponsors such as Amazon, Sengrid, Stripe, and many others.

My experience in Orion Startups was excellent, the human value, the people I met there and the tools they provided to us.  Sebastian Levin, Merit

campuses all around the country. In Campus Chihuahua, there are around 1,500 students in topics such as: innovation & business management, international relations, information technologies, mechatronics, biotechnology, among others.

Every year Tec de Monterrey organizes the biggest entrepreneurship & innovation event in LATAM called IncMty.

The GAN organizes each year a summit in different places gathering accelerators and entrepreneurs. It also provides great content in business and technical topics. The GAN support accelerates the access to high level connections for entrepreneurs.